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The greatest Impact of world war1 was high number of casualties. How far do you agree?

The greatest Impact of world war1 was high number of casualties. How far do you agree?
I agree that the greatest impact of world war was 'high number of casualties' because a lot of innocent lives were lost.
• High number of casualties
-Over 18 million fighting men was killed and about 9 million civilians (publics) died as a result of war. More men had been wounded than killed in the forces .Many soldiers escaped physical injury, returned home with psychological problems caused by war.
Lives cannot be replaced and most of those who died are innocent people. Some that survived must have had vivid vision of what had happened and had been traumatized by the incident. --The number of people who was killed is a lot and those who were involved in the war are probably not able to sleep at night. Germany had the highest number of deaths compared to Russia(1,700,000), France(1,358,000), Austria-Hungry(1,000,000), Great Britain(761,213), Italy(460,000), Turkey(375,000), British Empire(251,000), and USA(114,095).
However, there are other factors in the impact of world war1
• Cost
After war ended, Britain, France and Germany were facing huge debts. The governments had spent over £40 000 million fighting the war. They had borrowed money from USA and raised taxes to be in much debt. US were less affected because it did not enter the war until 1917 and no fighting took place on US soil.
• Damage
France suffered most physical damage since most of the fighting took place there.2000 square miles of forest and 8000 square miles of agricultural land laid waste. Over 1000 factories and a quarter of a million other buildings were destroyed. Merchant shipping had been badly affected with over 13 million tones of ships destroyed

SS Structured Essay Hist

In terms of political, social, military, economic aspects. Which aspect benefited, which aspect suffered? Overall more good or bad for Germany?


The aspects that benefited social and economic and also political



What are the diff reasons why Nazis could rise up and replace the Weimar republic?


The different reasons that made Nazis rise to power were effects of the Great Depression, the failure of democracy and the German’s pride.


 The first factor is the weakness of the Weimar Republic. The Republic was looked up upon a slow organization as they had internal disunity. There were no good leaders who could stand up when there were difficult times as they were made of different groups. They split up and the organization had to face challenges from the opposition. To make things worse, they did not have a proper to defend them. Therefore, the Nazis took opportunity of this to prove to the Germans that they were the better leaders as they can protect the country.


The second factor is the use of propaganda. They had the control to ensure that the Germans looked at the Nazis point of view. The radio was a new media that the Nazis could broadcast their message of Nazism. The Nazi army is the total opposite of the Weimar Republic as they were more disciplined and they had a proper leader, Hitler.  This will make the people more confident as they had the ability to bring them to a better future.


The third factor is the Germans pride. Hitler has promised to make Germany strong and to unite Germany from the taken away territories. By achieving this aim, he has to abolish the T.O.V.  After Weimar accepting the Treaty, it was a huge blow to the Germans as their efforts and sacrifices were wasted as they surrendered without trying to argue for their rights and not accepting the blame.

This gain support by the people as they wanted to prove their worth after the war. Therefore, they could rise up easily as they had the sufficient support from the ppl.


In conclusion, the most important reason was the weakness of the Weimar Republic. By having a weak party to rule the country, especially after a war, it creates  a advantage for the stronger opposition to rule the country. Furthermore, the Weimar Republic could not gain the support of the people as they were the ones that admitted defeat during the war.



Why was the Berlin Wall constructed?

Why was the Berlin Wall constructed?

It is built to prevent the spread of western ideas to communist's countries in East. When the wall was not in place, the people from the East will feel attracted to the policy of democracy which comes from the West. By having this wall built, the people from the two sides will not know how the standard of living and hence, they won't go to each other's country. They are able to reassert the control over its country. Their economy would also improve as there won't be any dual currency in the both states as there is a wall that separates both of them.


It was also built to prevent emigration of East Germans to the West. When the people of East Germany found out that the standard of living were higher in the West (this was the propaganda point of the US.), they started to emigrate to that side. Moreover, the people who migrated were skilled and professionals. By having them there, it would boost the economy in the West and this has upset the communists greatly. This led to them building a wall as they did not want the people to can financially attract to the subsidies by the West.


The other factor was the growing tensions after the Hungarian Revolt and the U2 crisis. The Americans sent spies over to USSR and the plane was shot down. The Russians could not trust the Americans anymore as they did not apologize when Khrushchev demanded an apology.  This led to the Russians building a physical barrier to send a message to the Americans not to interfere in their matters

Russia FYP

How successful was the Five Year Plan. Explain your answer.



+The plans led Russia towards modernisation and industrialization.

+Made Russia a key player in industrialization

+industrialization towns sprang up.

àThis made farming easier and more efficient

State provided health care, education and the basic necessities for the ppl(collective workers).

àHigher standard of living for them

Hard work was rewarded with better pay, housing and medals.


·         Impact on the people

 - Peasants produced minimum stock so that they don’t have to surrender it to the state.(Slaughtered their stock and burnt their buildings)

-The rich were afraid that their lands are taken away and given to the poor..

-The efficient did not want to share their successes and it would unfair to them as they have worked hard for it.

-The ppl had less freedom of action as they were working for the state

àThis led to the growing opposition towards Stalin as he was very strict.

·         The purges

Many opponents were sent to labour camps as the hardships that the ppl faced made some ppl to stand up and voice out.

Stalin sent his secret police to purge them.

àthis led him to being the strongest  power in Russia as his opponents were killed.




SS Essay 2) Was focusing on the youths the greatest way the Nazis consolidated power in Germany? EYA. (12)

2) Was focusing on the youths the greatest way the Nazis consolidated power in Germany? EYA. (12)


Yes. The youths played an important part in social control under Hitler. The main point of education has become training young people up to be Nazis and loyal citizens. Schoolteachers were sacked if they did not have the right political opinions. Schools had to follow the strict curriculum and use the ‘right’ schoolbooks. There was no attempt to teach students to think for themselves because they were brainwashed with Nazi ideas. These youths were also expected to join youth organizations in their free time, indoctrinating them Hitler’s ideas. They took an oath of loyalty to Hitler and studied military discipline and training at the mere age of ten. Youths and children are easily influenced, and while being taught the Nazi way, they will naturally support the Nazi’s actions, thus supporting the Nazi’s power in Germany as they grew up. Therefore, brainwashing the youths with the Nazi ways of handling things and attitude was the way for Nazis to consolidate their power in Germany.


However, there are also propaganda campaigns and censorship of mass media that helped the Nazis to maintain their power in the country. All techniques of propaganda were used to persuade people that Hitler and Nazis were right. Through various channels like posters, radios, rallies to boost the party’s reputation and ideas, censorship of books and media were also practiced. It was massively done with over 2500 writers banned, books burned for having politically or morally unsound ideas. Using mass propaganda and getting rid of all potential obstacles, people will be led to believe what is not true and support the Nazis.


There was also racial control and religious control. The perfect Nazi state was to be full with Aryans, with ‘pure’ German blood. The Nazis acted against people who were ‘undesirable’ and those who would not fit into the ideal Nazi state. They even set up a Nazi-controlled church as a reply to both Catholic and Protestant churches speaking out against some Nazi policies. It was a pagan faith that support and celebrated Aryanism.

With a total Nazi church and idea of ‘pure’ Germans around, it is hard for people not to fall into the glamorous power of the Nazis.


Youths are the future of a state. If these youths are educated with the Nazi ideas from young, they are most likely to believe and follow it loyally. The Nazis knew that youths are easily influenced with what they are taught and indoctrinated with, therefore supporting and join the Nazi army when they grow up. When they grow into adults, the Nazi most probably wanted them to remember what they have learnt from young. In order to make them remember in their heart and mind, mass media of propaganda is used. Any form of media that does not support the idea of Nazism was banned. Therefore, these people have no chance to explore other thoughts other than Nazism. With the youths growing up totally obeying what they were taught to believe, the Nazis will definitely want this to be passed on from generations to generations. Therefore the idea of racial and religious control was in tune with Nazism. It could serve as a tool of propaganda too, pledging themselves to the idea of Aryanism, allowing their future children to do the same. It seemed the perfect way of consolidating their power in Germany.  Therefore, focusing on the youths was the greatest way the Nazis consolidated power in Germany.